Best Content Marketing Tools for 2023

Best Content Marketing Tools for 2023, As a content marketer, you have a lot of tasks to accomplish. You need to create and manage your content marketing funnel, create amazing content, manage your outreach campaign, and as well manage a team. And on most occasions, you have to multitask to get these things done. Here’s the truth – to scale your content marketing, you definitely need tools to automate your work. You cannot do it all by yourself when it comes to content marketing. And to your best interest, there are countless content marketing tools to make your work easier.

Here are the 47 Best Content Marketing Tools

In this post, I reviewed over 45+ best content marketing tools to help you with your content marketing tasks. Here in the list, you will find some of the best email marketing tools, landing page tools, scheduling tools, outreach tools, keyword research tools, and many more. Absolutely, you wouldn’t be needing all the tools written here. But an average content marketer combines 5 to 7 content marketing tools depending on their task.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot is an all-in-one solution for marketing automation, sales, and customer experience ( CRM ). Founded in 2006, Hubspot has been regarded as the best inbound marketing tool for content marketers.

The free CRM includes a reporting dashboard, company insights, deal tracking, pipeline management, email tracking and notifications, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and live chat. The CMS is the most recent addition to the tool. Hubspot CMS is a content management system with a drag and drop interface, contact attribution reporting, adaptive testing, and SEO recommendation.

2. SEMRush

SemRush is your go-to SEO tool for keyword research and backlinks research. It is undoubtedly one of the best content marketing tools for researching content. Best known for their keyword research tool, SemRush provides a detailed analysis of keywords with their difficulty score, monthly search volume, related keywords, and sites already ranking for the keyword.

An important filtering feature for better and accurate research is the country filter. SemRush allows you to narrow your keyword research to a country. Needless to say, SEMRush offers a backlink research tool that enables you to carry out deep research of the sites linking to your site alongside their domain authority, spam score, links gained and date, and links lost plus date.

However, SemRush allows you to run a project website that SemRush analyzes every month to give you a report on SEO performance and drawbacks. You also get SEO site audits that enable you see if there are issues with your website that prevents it from ranking high on search engines. Some plans targeted at SEO agencies offer white label site audits.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact was created in 1995, making it one of the companies with the best and oldest email marketing solutions. Constant Contact provides a streamlined approach to email marketing automation, similar to many of the other automation tools on this list.

Constant Contact has a drag and drop builder interface, making it simple to use and comprehend. Constant Contact has a lot to offer, including the ability to send emails depending on contacts’ visits on specific pages of your website.

Of course, their segmentation capability, which enables the sending of emails that are highly targeted, is priceless. Your contact list can be uploaded from Excel or anyplace else into Constant Contact’s database for simple management thanks to their contact management solution.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing solution that differs significantly from standard email marketing software. It offers a webinar solution so that you may host webinars in addition to managing your email list.

GetResponse, which was established in 1998, is recognized as one of the leading and most experienced providers of email marketing services. To get you started with engaging your subscribers, GetResponse includes a library of email templates. To send highly targeted emails to your subscribers, you can use the tagging and segmentation tool to cut and dice your list based on their interests. GetResponse’s autoresponders send emails to your subscribers on a predetermined schedule. The trigger might be anything, including an email response, a product purchase, and many other things.

.GetResponse also houses a library of landing page templates that lets you build a landing page to collect emails from your audience. The landing page templates are advanced enough to help you include attractive offers like videos and webinars on the page. The abandoned carts remind customers of all abandoned carts when they’re about to leave your store. The payment processor unlocks different payment gateway for integration on your eCommerce store.

Finally, the pricing plan. GetResponse offers four different pricing plans which are; basic, plus, professional, and enterprise plans. The basic plan starts from $15 per month offering email marketing, autoresponders, and many more features. The plus plan starts from $49 per month offering all in the basic plan plus contact scoring and tagging, 5 sales funnels, automation builder, and webinar funnels.

5. LeadPages

LeadPages is created for the main purpose of helping you grow your email subscriber lists. Not your regular email marketing tool, Leadpages does not support sending of regular emails to your list; but is concerned about collecting more emails. It is one of the best landing page builders.

Here’s what LeadPages does. Leadpages has a library of templates for building highly converting landing pages, which you then use to collect emails from your audience. Interestingly, Leadpages has a website builder that allows you to build a custom landing page with a custom domain you own.

Alternatively, you can download the LeadPages WordPress plugin and install your lead page landing page into your WordPress site to make it easier to integrate with an already-prepared site.

The form builders are one of the greatest weapons of LeadPages. LeadPages form builder allows you to create a form with irresistible offers to draw your audience into your list. Ultimately, Leadpages tutorials and courses will be of help in putting your lead pages in order. Their tutorial is in-depth enough to get you started easily. Learn More

6. Fiverr

This is a freelance marketplace that serves as a middleman between freelancers and clients. Fiverr lets you hire a freelancer to help your work on or with you on a project.

As a content marketer, your task involves managing a project and scaling a business through content. If you’re working on a project, then it might be necessary to hire other marketers to work with you. And this is what Fiverr does.

There are loads of services on Fiverr to help you succeed with your content marketing. You might be good in certain areas, but may have challenges in others. A tool like Fiverr will offer a pool of skilled freelancers that will deliver value and allow you focus on your own core expertise.

Fiverr offers the cheapest price for getting a task done, starting from $5. And the interesting point, Fiverr offers different categories and services to choose from. That said, Fiverr offers a pro service that offers premium service by professionals and this comes at a premium price. Not the $5 service but ranges from $100 and above.

Definitely, with the Fiverr pro service, you can be sure of getting a quality job done for you. Plus, Fiverr examines their freelancers through a test depending on their niche to ascertain the level of their skills.

Definitely, Fiverr will always find its place as one of the best content marketing tools considering the great solution it provides for content marketers.

Absolutely, as a content marketer, you don’t need to do all the tasks yourself. You can outsource some of your tasks to qualified freelancers and have it done for you at a cheaper price, thanks to Fiverr.

7. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the best content marketing tools and is targeted at building highly effective sales funnels. It is one of the best funnel builders available in the market. Founded in 2014, Clickfunnels was created to help you build a website and a sales funnel to boost your product sales.

The founder, Rusell Brandson, is one of the greatest content marketers with amazing results and has been the reason behind the smart increase in the sales and growth of ClickFunnels. And the achievements made in the six (6) years in the industry, is enough reason to use ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has amazing features to help you build an effective sales funnel without having to start from scratch. There are templates and beautiful designs for your  website. Moreover, ClickFunnels isn’t lacking in blogging. Websites built by Clickfunnels are well optimized for Google ranking.

Offering different solutions to convert your customers, ClickFunnels offers a one-click upsell feature that allows you to increase your customer value by adding additional products to the cart for customers.

Their membership areas let you create amazing membership pages that host your premium content or subscription content. Definitely you can sell a membership program on a one-time fee or a subscription fee.

Other conspicuous features that you can find in the ClickFunnels dashboard are sales funnel builder, affiliate center, autoresponders, follow-up funnels, and many others. ClickFunnels pricing starts at $97 per month for the basic plan, $297 per month for the platinum plan, and $1497 for the collection plan, which is the most expensive plan they offer.

The last word for ClickFunnels is that it’s one of the best assistants for content marketers to build effective sales funnels. Obviously, ClickFunnels is quite expensive, but you will get value for your money.

8. Grammarly

When creating content in the form of blog posts or Ad copywriting, you definitely need to double-check your sentences and blog post to correct Grammatical errors. Grammarly is one of the best writing tools to have as a blogger and content marketer. It helps you to check for any grammatical errors present in your craft.

And the most interesting part of it is that you can use Grammarly free with only a few restrictions compared to the premium plan.

But as expected, the premium plan is the best for content marketers; because it gives more direct and well-optimized suggestions for your words.

Grammarly premium plan allows you to switch from US English to British English. Suitable for both nonnative English speakers and native English speakers, Grammarly allows you to check for errors in your document.

Moreover, Grammarly provides a chrome extension that double-checks your Google Docs while working online. Plus, you can upload your word document to Grammarly and check if its free of errors and mistakes.

9. SharpSpring

Another amazing content marketing tool you might need is SharpSpring. Founded in 1998 and one of the old marketing tools, SharpSpring has grown to become a strong alternative for its competitor, Hubspot.

Rather than being just an email tool, SharpSpring is a full suite marketing automation tool; that allows you to monitor your different marketing campaigns and also track what’s working.

The ability to track what’s bringing results in your marketing campaign is the foundation of SharpSpring according to its founder, Rick Carlson.

Among many features, SharpSpring allows you to send out emails, build landing pages with a library of templates, create forms, design your emails, lead nurturing, automation, lead scoring, and many more. SharpSpring offers different solutions for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

Notably, SharpSpring offers flexible pricing plans for different categories of businesses. They offer services for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

SharpSpring offers a month to month flexible billing that’s flexible enough to get started easily. The month-month pricing removes the word “commitment” from the pricing, and allows you to stop using the software anytime.

For the small business package, SharpSpring offers three different pricing plans which include the basic plan that costs $550 per month supporting not more than 1500 contacts to reach out to, the second plan that supports 10,000 contacts costs $850 per month, and finally the premium plan that costs $1250 per month offering support for up to 20,000 words.

10. PerfectAudience

PerfectAudience is a solution born out of needs created in the content marketing space. A product by SharpSpring (parent company: NowSpot Inc. ), Perfect Audience is built to help you make the best of your paid ads.

What’s more painful than your ads campaign stopping even before you’re able to convert any of your audience?

SharpSpring created PerfectAudience to solve this need. PerfectAudience helps you collate all your retargeting advertising into one application.

Rather than having to switch interfaces and transferring data to collate results of your retargeting advertising, Perfect Audience helps you gather all your retargeting advertising to build that “Perfect Audience”.

A perfect audience helps you to gather retargeting audiences from the Web, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, mobile, and cross-device.

Definitely, with Perfect Audience, you can retarget lost visitors on your website with your ads and get a better conversion rate.

11. Buzzsumo

Not knowing what content to create, is normal for most content marketers.

Not a sign of unseriousness, but an occurrence every marketer does have. And it was on this basis that BuzzSumo was created.

BuzzSumo is one of the best content marketing tools for carrying out content research. BuzzSumo curates the best and most performing blog posts on every topic you search, giving a heads-up on the type of content to produce.

Rather than just doing a keyword search, BuzzSumo allows you to plug in a domain name ( your competitor’s domain name) and then curate their best content alongside a rating of the social media shares and links.

Absolutely, BuzzSumo is one of the best content curation software to have as a content marketer. BuzzSumo helps you to discover trending topics, evergreen topics, keywords, and many more.

You can also narrow your check on the top-performing content on YouTube, Facebook, and the Web. Moreover, you can discover key influencers interested in chosen topics, and many other content researching features.

12. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools in the industry. It can also be regarded as an all-in-one solution, but email marketing remains its strength. It is one of the best content marketing tools for handling your email marketing.

Although MailChimp offers other services like running Facebook ads campaigns, Twitter ads, etc. the services aren’t as good as the email marketing service they offer.

Equipped with all you need to collect and manage emails, MailChimp can be regarded as an all-in-one solution when it comes to email automation.

MailChimp allows you to manage your customers by slicing and dicing them into segments based on their interests.

For a start, MailChimp offers prebuilt segments to put your customers.

With MailChimp software, you can create signup forms to collect information, put them in segments, and then send them a targeted mail based on their interest.

And that’s the major use of MailChimp as a content marketer.

MailChimp offers behavioral targeting feature that enables you to send certain messages to your targets based on set triggers.

The trigger could be purchasing equipment. Immediately after purchase, MailChimp automatically sends transactional emails to the buyer.

Other services that MailChimp offers are landing pages, postcards, shoppable landing pages, custom domains, tags, and report analytics.

13. Mobile Monkey

One of the best content marketing tools that got its fame recently.

Not your regular tool like a marketing automation software. Mobile Monkey helps you integrate chatbots alongside live chat on your site.

Founded by Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream, Mobile Monkey lets you connect with your customers on live chat, SMS and Facebook messenger.

It can be regarded as the only tool of its own kind, Mobile Monkeys does well in providing an Omni-Channel experience for your customers.

Definitely a must-have tool for content marketers in the E-commerce niche. There’s nothing better than having a live chat with your customer on your website, and then sending SMS to complete the chat.

Although sending an SMS to continue a conversation can be expensive for small businesses, the Facebook messenger is a big win for businesses.

Switching among live chat, SMS, and Facebook messenger is a blessing to content marketers.

Interestingly, Mobile Monkey offers flexible pricing plans that are affordable and reasonably cheap for the kind of value they provide for customer management.

14. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is your go-to backlink research tool that is second to Moz (only). It is really an industry leader in SEO and backlink research.

Ahrefs comprises amazing features and tools for effective SEO monitoring. Apart from the tool itself, Ahrefs provides advanced SEO tutorials on their blog and YouTube channel.

And that makes them a resource and a tool for every content marketer.

Ahrefs allows you to track broken links on your site, spam links, anchor texts for links, and many other SEO insights to check.

Perfect for running website SEO audits, Ahrefs gives you insights on how to better optimize your website for search engines.

A look at Ahrefs dashboard, Ahrefs has site explorer, keyword explorer, site auditor, rank tracker, content explorer, domain comparison, link intersect, SEO toolbar, and WordPress plugin.

15. Yoast

If you’re a WordPress user or you’re a blogger, then you must’ve heard of Yoast at least once.

For bloggers, Yoast acts as their SEO assistance on their WordPress blog.

Curious what Yoast does?

Yoast is the most popular and most downloaded WordPress SEO plugin by WordPress users. A glance at the excellent result Yoast produces will give an answer to the popularity of the plugin.

Not just an SEO plugin, Yoast SEO also helps in formatting your posts properly and improving its readability.

With more than a decade in the industry, Yoast has grown to offer different plugins as a child of its main software.

Presently, Yoast offers Yoast SEO plugin, Video SEO plugin, Local SEO plugin, News SEO plugin, and woo-commerce SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO offers different products and training each with its price tag.

The first package that includes all Yoast SEO WordPress plugins costs $159 per year. And the Yoast SEO plugin plus training courses come at $479 per year.

16. Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing tool like GetResponse. Unlike GetResponse, Aweber focused majorly on majorly providing email marketing services.

To start with, Aweber offers an AI-supported designer that allows you to design beautifully branded email templates in a few seconds.

Plus, their drag and drop builder for email marketing and landing page allows you to do more (customize) with your emails without having to write a code at all.

Although designing emails isn’t difficult thanks to Aweber smart designer. Aweber provides Built-in/pre-designed email templates to get you started.

17. SendInBlue

SendInBlue isn’t just an email marketing tool, it’s a communication tool that fosters communication and relationship between you and your customer.

Started as a digital marketing agency, SendInBlue discovered the need for a marketing tool that enhances relationship with customers, and this was the start of SendInBlue as a tool.

SendInBlue lets you collect, manage, and engage your email list with the information they need.

To start with, SendInBlue equips you with an editor and templates for signup forms. You have the option of integrating the signup form with your website. The email elements are customizable like color, images, and texts.

18. Diib

Diib is an advanced analytics tool that gives you growth insights for your website analyzing your website to see what you’re doing right and wrong.

For me, understanding the problem Diib solves was high on my priority list. At first, I thought it is an analytics tool that gives insight on speed.

But getting to use the software personally, I discovered firsthand that Diib is not just an advanced analytics software that compares your site with other sites in your profile displaying areas for you to improve in.

Diib performs SEO audits to see how you’re faring on Google. Moreover, with Diib you can monitor your social media accounts and get insights to grow your social media channel.

For content marketers, Diib provides an external tool to analyze your website for a better web presence, giving you instructions and suggestions in simple English you can understand on how you can earn more from your website.

19. Contently

Contently is the solution for your content needs. Housing thousands of freelance writers from various niches, Contently makes it easy to hire a writer.

As content marketers, we live and breathe content. Without content we are powerless, as our gospel is good content brings results.

From blog posts, infographics, poems, press releases, videos, images, ebooks, and many more; they’re all the backbone of content marketing.

And here’s where Contently plays in. Contently is a content marketing agency that let you hire freelance writers for your content marketing projects.

Instead of going through the stress and risks in hiring a skilled and knowledgeable freelance writer, Contently maps you to a suitable writer for your tasks.

20. WordPress

WordPress is one of the best blogging platform for bloggers and content marketers looking to build an online business.

Not just one of the best, WordPress powers the largest share of the websites on the internet. It is undoubtedly one of the best content marketing tools if you want to build a website.

And what makes WordPress a better option for bloggers, content marketers, and entrepreneurs is the flexibility that WordPress provides.

For a start, you’ve the options of doing a complete redesign of your website, countless WordPress plugins to install on your website and never-ending WordPress themes to choose from.

The number of WordPress plugin creators is ever increasing which leads to more and better options for WordPress users to choose from.

However, WordPress isn’t a free solution. It’s a paid solution that comes at a fee depending on your hosting company and the bandwidth you use a month.

21. Canva

As content marketers, we are known to create different forms of content. And among many of the content we create, Infographics and images are one of the common visual content to create.

Creating an infographic can be technical if you’re creating them on a desktop graphics software like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Plus, creating web images is quite different; as you need an image that’s light and fit the resolution.

And that’s exactly what Canva solves. Canva houses a lot of templates to create the different forms of content you need. From social media images, eBook cover, Infographics, Instagram stories, and many more, Canva has a template for nearly everything.

22. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a tool owned by Neil Patel. Very likely that you must have the name before. Ubersuggest is a freemium SEO tool that lets you carry out SEO research on your site. The tool allows you to perform keyword research, backlink research, SEO audit, and much more SEO analysis.

Absolutely one of the best content marketing tools for cost effective tracking, UberSuggest started as a free tool and alternative to popular tools like SemRush, Ahrefs, and Moz. However, a paid plan has been added to the tool with restrictions placed on the free plan.

For content marketers, we know how important it is to know what your audience is searching for. And with Ubersuggest, you can diagnose what keywords your audience are searching.

23. ContentCal

ContentCal is a tool that provides a content marketing calendar for you to organize and plan your tasks.  Founded in 2014 by Alex Packham, ContentCal was started as a social media agency which led to the online collaboration and content marketing tool.

ContentCal allows you to create a marketing calendar to plan your tasks, it allows you to collaborate with other content marketers by sharing your calendar with them.

Although new in the industry, ContentCal has gained recognition as one of the best collaboration and scheduling tools for content marketers.

To start with, ContentCal provides a product tour to let you understand what their product solves for you.

For collaboration, ContentCal provides tools to enhance collaboration with other content marketers. The approvals feature allows you to send posts for a single or multiple click approval. With tagging, you can group your content or processes for easy tracking.

24. Trello

As a content marketer, we curate and share ideas with our marketing team, client and partners.

Whenever you’ve new ideas or content marketing strategies you’d like to implement on a project, jotting them and sharing them is the next best thing to do.

Trello is your collaboration tool for working and sharing ideas effectively with your team.

Just like CoSchedule and ContentCal, Trello helps you collaborate and plan well with your team beforehand.

And where Trello beats the competition is it’s easy to use interface and amazing collaboration features present in the dashboard.

Trello provides built-in workflow automation with Butler. The automation simplifies some of the tedious tasks that collaboration requires.

25. Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe marketing cloud is adobe’s marketing web analytics software. Just like Google analytics and Diib, Adobe Marketing Cloud provides web data and analysis of your website performance.

The Adobe marketing cloud makes it easy to manage content, execute campaigns, and personalization.

26. HootSuite

As its name implies, Hootsuite is a suite that allows you to manage and update your social media channels all from one place.

Founded in 2008, HootSuite has moved up the chain to become one of the best social media management tools available in the market.

Equipped with tools to help you track and monitor your social media channels.

Rather than logging to all of your social media channels, all you’ve to do is log in to your HootSuite account.

From your HootSuite account, you can then give HootSuite access to all your login details for the different social media channels you have

27. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Absolutely, headlines play an important role in content marketing. The headline is the magnet that attracts readers to click your content.

CoSchedule Headline analyzer provides a tool for you to run your possible headlines and pick the best for your content.

CoSchedule does this by studying successful blog posts titles. So, this is one of the best content marketing tools for writing that captivating headline

28. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is your best partner as a content writer. Writing of articles, blog posts, eBooks, and many more works can be interesting.

But unless you run your articles on an editor, you won’t have the error-free article you need.

Hemingway Editor is a free app that corrects your sentences and spellings by highlighting them with different colors.

A yellow highlight shows a sentence is too lengthy and complex. To solve this, you need to split the sentences

29. Feedly

Feedly gives back the control to you. You are in control of the type of information you want and how you want to consume them.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the millions of information on the internet, you can train your robot assistant, Leo to research, curate, and organize your favorite content.

Feedly is one of the best tools for bookmarking wonderful stories that cut your interests.

30. Pocket

Similar to Feedly, Pocket allows you to research and save content into their app.

As expected, there are times you would come across amazing content that you’d like to read.

All you need to do is save the post into your pocket app.


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