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Best GYM In Nigeria With the threat of the virus still at large and easy access to online training sessions, workout-at-home has become the pandemic fitness trend, leading to a sharp boom for the virtual fitness industry and diverse offerings for consumer Naijateck is a rage on YouTube.


The Nigeria fitness platform boasts more than 10 million subscribers on the video sharing and social media platform.  we encourages no-equipment workout. All you need is a corner in the house and a workout mat. It’s not surprising why Naijateck  Fitness Site   is so popular?  With the threat of the virus still at large and easy access to training videos and live sessions online, workout-at-home has become the pandemic fitness trend. In the process, the virtual fitness industry has witnessed a sharp boom, with many offerings mushrooming in the past year.


For some, at-home workouts are important as they help them stay sane in these trying times. “We  have been following many fitness videos. More than losing weight, the objective is to keep ourself  balanced  and positive during these tough times.

With gyms opening with limited capacity keeping in mind the safety of consumers, there is a shift to virtual training and classes. “Some consumers want to continue working out at home due to the convenience and access to quality trainers online,” says Mumbai-based Jayam Vora, co-founder and chief operating officer, Fitternity, a health and fitness platform, which offers a host of offline and online services, including one-on-one sessions with coaches, live interactive classes, etc. The brand’s FitTV is a video-on-demand service that offers fitness videos with celebrity trainers and fitness coaches.


With the rise of work from home, there’s been a huge demand for home fitness solutions, says Naijateck fitness team is  a brand known for smart bikes for a ‘gym from home’ experience. It also offers trainer-led live and interactive workout sessions for up to four people at a time. “Work from home can lead to many fitness issues. Here, technology has the answer,” Naijateck team , adding, “An increased focus towards health has created the demand for home fitness solutions. In the last two months, we have seen a three-fold increase in orders on our website.”

Supporting the ‘workout-at-home’ trend, leading nutrition and exercise science expert Chiemeziem  also stated, “Fitness isdecayable. If you don’t train for 3 weeks at a stretch, your body will waste the gains it has made. Don’t skip workouts even if gyms are shut. Workout at home, engage with your personal trainers online. It’s a win-win in this rough patch.” Best GYM In Nigeria.

Celebrities, too, are doing it, flooding social media with photos and videos of their exercise sessions. 

Best GYM In Nigeria | Stretching is better than walking for people with hypertension

Anytime you are stretching, you are doing a great exercise, and the study confirms it is better than walking, especially for people with hypertension. According to a study by the University of Saskatchewan, new research suggests that stretching is better than walking for people with hypertension.

Whether you’re striding into the new year resolved to up your daily step count or keen to lift some weights, you might want to think about adding some stretching to your day, too.

New research suggests that stretching might be more effective than brisk walking at lowering high blood pressure for people with hypertension.

This finding is important as it offers people a greater number of exercise options for reducing blood pressure,” the authors wrote in their paper.

As for how exactly stretching lowers high blood pressure, that still needs further investigation.

Aside from easing blood flow, it might have something to do with the slow controlled breathing that naturally accompanies stretching. Breathing exercises in yoga practices have been linked to lower blood pressure, but this also means it would be difficult to separate the effects of breathing from stretching itself.

The study participants were only supervised a few times a week, so we have to take them at their word that they completed the other sessions to the same standard.

We also need to recognize that the trial recruited a relatively small group of men and women, and only 35 completed the full eight-week program.

Beyond this, we can’t say if stretching had a sustained effect because the benefits might fade as soon as people stopped stretching, and we all know it can be hard to make new habits stick.

But above all, these findings are no reason to slow down on other forms of exercise.

In this small study, the walking group managed to reduce their waistlines more so than those stretching, which shows it’s still a good idea to get the heart pumping with aerobic exercises, such as walking. 



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