iOS 14.7 is now available see the reason why you should update

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Best Place for Gadget in Nigeria, Apple has officially announced   iOS 14.7 to the general public. This update comes as iOS 14 beta testing begins to wind down ahead of iOS 15 launch in a couple of months from now. Here’s everything new with iOS 14.7 that should make you update your Apple phone  now.

Different from iOS 14.5 and even iOS 14.6, today’s update doesn’t bring a ton of new features, although they’re more than welcome as we wait for iOS 15 to be released to all users.

Best Place for Gadget MagSafe Battery Pack support

If you’re planning to buy the MagSafe Battery Pack for your iPhone 12, you need to update to iOS 14.7 to use the accessory. The MagSafe Battery Pack has long been waited for by users and will give some extra juice to your iPhone. You can learn more about it on our tidbits post here.

Best Place for Gadget Apple Card Family with combined credit limits

While iOS 14.6 brought Apple Card Family support, it’s with iOS 14.7 that it’s added the option to combine credit limits and share one co-owned account with an existing Apple Card user. Apple is also planning to launch an Apple Pay feature to let you buy the product then pay it later. 

Best Place for Gadget Home app with multiple timers support on HomePod with iOS 14.7

Apple continues to update the HomePod with an updated  features. Although iOS 14.7 still doesn’t bring support to Lossless playback with Apple’s smart speakers, the company is bringing the ability to manage multiple timers on HomePod within the Home app.

Enhancements in the Podcasts app with iOS 14.7

With iOS 14.5, Apple launched a redesigned Podcasts app. With iOS 14.6, for example, the company released subscriptions for channels and individual shows.

Apple launched with iOS 14.6 subscriptions for channels and individual shows on the Podcasts app and with iOS 14.5, a redesigned app. Now, iOS 14.7 brings a new tweak. The podcasts library now allows users to choose to see all shows or only followed ones. For more information please subscribe to my Youtube channel


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