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Best Site in Nigeria to Sell Gift Card in Naira, Gift card vendors can be found everywhere , but finding a legit, reliable and honest gift card vendor is not easy, hence the reason for this article. This post will introduce you to the best and reliable site in Nigeria to sell your gift cards, bredeem and trade your iTunes ,steam, Google play, Amazon, amex, Sephora, Nordstrom, vanilla, razer gold gift cards etc to Naira with peace of mind.

Cardyork is currently the best site in Nigeria to sell, redeem and trade gift cards to Naira Online. Don’t risk your gift card, trade your gift card only on – the best and reliable site to sell or redeem gift cards to Naira in Nigeria online. is a gift cards vendor currently operating in Nigeria as a sure platform and best site to sell gift cards to Naira. It’s a popular, notable and reliable platform where Nigerians can securely trade their gift card, redeem and sell iTunes, steam, Google play, footlocker, amex, amazon, Nordstrom gift cards etc and other digital currencies to cash without involvement or participation of a middle man

What Is a Gift Card? Best Site in Nigeria to Sell Gift Card in Naira 

Gift card is a voucher preloaded with certain amount of money used for in-store or online transaction.

Gift card often comes in two formats namely:

Physical gift card vouchers and virtual gift vouchers.

Gift cards are sold in a variety of denominations, the most popular denominations are $5,$10,$25,$50 and $100.

However if you’re no longer in need of your gift cards, you can sell it off for naira on – the best, honest and reliable site to sell, redeem and trade gift cards to naira online in Nigeria.

How to sell, redeem and trade gift card 

To sell your gift cards and redeem iTunes, steam, Google play, Sephora, amex, Amazon,eBay, offgamers, vanilla, Walmarts, Xbox, Macy’s gift card etc to naira.  Visit

What gift cards can I sell on Best Site in Nigeria to Sell Gift Card in Naira 

There are many varieties of cards you can sell on, cardyork remains the best site in Nigeria to sell gift card to cash. You can sell and Redeem gift cards such as iTunes, steam, Macy’s , Bloomingdale’s, amex, Tory Burch, Xbox, champs, Sephora, Google play, saks, eBay, Footlocker, Walmart, Amazon’s, Nordstrom, razer gold and other gift cards etc.

Reason to sell gift card on

Trading and selling your gift card on CardYork, is fun, here are few reasons selling your gift cards on Cardyork might be the right idea:

Multi trading platform : cardyork offers a multifaceted trading platform you can either trade on the site or on WhatsApp right from the comfort of your home. With cardyork trading is  easy.

Reliability: you need a reliable vendor to trade your gift cards and that’s exactly what you get on cardyork, it’s a platform you can fully rely on, theres zero chance of transaction failure when you sell gift cards on Cardyork. Cardyork converts all Giftcards to cash successfully and their customers get paid immediately.

Fast transaction : one of the criteria of a good gift card vendor is how fast payment are able to be made, you don’t want to wait forever for a transaction to be done, when it comes to fast trading of gift cards, cardyork leads the way all others follows.

High Rate : another issues people face is the issue of rate, well with cardyork this is not an issue as cardyork converts gift cards to Naira at awesome rates.

24/7 service : A good gift card trading platform is the one you can always reach out to any time of the day and they’ll be available to attend to you. Cardyork works round the clock, you can trade your gift card on CardYork anytime of the day.

Benefit of Selling or Trading Gift Card in Nigeria

Best Site in Nigeria to Sell Gift Card in Naira, Gift cards are things of value, you might wonder if cards are so valuable then why do people sell them for cash.? Here are few reasons people engage in gift card trading.

Breakage leads to profit for the issuing company and loss to the gift card onwer. Breakage can occur in many ways. Example: Having to relocate to an environment where there’s no business or stores accepting the gift card. In situations like this the gift card can go unredeemed and eventually lead to a waste. But your gift card doesn’t have to go to waste., You can sell it for naira on the best, reliable and safest site to sell, redeem and trade gift cards to Naira online in Nigeria.

Great Ways To Earn Money : one of the ways to earn money when you need it is by selling or trading your gift card. In particular if you didn’t like the brand necessarily and you got them as a gift.

Why People Fall victim of Gift Card Scam Best Site in Nigeria to Sell Gift Card in Naira 

Gift card trading in Nigeria has become popular ,this means there are people out there who would be posing as legit gift card vendors to try to take away your cards from you. This is why you have to be careful when selecting sites or platforms to sell your gift card.

Will run through some of the reasons people fall victims to scammers or gift card fraud.

Some of the reasons people fall for gift card scam we’ve identified are:

Some gift card owners sometimes tend to be a bit greedy and some have unrealistic prices of gift cards and as a result fall into the hands of these scammers. when a rate sometimes is too good to be true then it’s what it is. If you learn to control your greed then you’ll be able to save your cards from these rippers.

Lack of proper research : Another reason we discovered why many Nigerians fall into gift card scam is due to lack of proper research. Many are just too lazy to do research, always do your due diligence before deciding to use any gift card platform.

Ignorance: not just knowing what to do or having little or no knowledge on how the gift card markets operates. This could be very risky for upcoming gift card traders as they easily fall Victim to gift card scam, as fraudulent individuals could take advantage of them.

Best site in Nigeria to sell gift card to Naira

Trading gift cards on CardYork is simple, to start trading your gift card simply visit their official website to sell and redeem your gift card at amazing prices. Trading your gift card in Nigeria doesn’t have to be hard, cardyork has taken gift card trading to a whole new level. is reliable, secured and safe, thus a great platform for all Nigerians who engage in gift card trading to trade gift cards with peace of mind.

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