Facebook releases cloud games but says Apple won’t allow them on iOS

               CLOUD GAMING

With the addition of cloud gaming, Facebook makes it possible for its web and Android users to try free games without leaving the social network.

*The exclusion of Apple devices from cloud gaming on Facebook is the latest shot in a long feud between companies.

*Facebook announced the launch of cloud gaming on its desktop website and Android app but not to iOS due to Apple’s “arbitrary” policies.

Facebook announced Monday the launch of cloud gaming on its web site of office and its Android application, further to declare that it is incapable of meeting the games on iOS due to Apple’s “arbitrary” policies.

The Facebook Web and Android users have a free trial of the games in a few seconds without leaving the social network. Users play the game streamed from Facebook‘s data centers without having to first download the game to their devices. The idea is similar to the services offered by Microsoft and Google, but also by the quality of the console proposed by the services.

Exclusion of Apple devices from cloud gaming on Facebook is the latest shot in a long feud between companies.

The war of words dates back to a comment by Apple CEO Tim Cook in March 2018 criticizing the social network’s handling of user privacy after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that resulted in an Inadequate access to the data of 87 million Facebook users.

Since then, the companies have continued to fight, and Facebook recently questioned Apple’s App Store policies as Washington lawmakers and regulators question and hold antitrust hearings involving Big Tech, including the iPhone maker.

Apple’s guidelines, which the company uses to determine which apps to approve or reject, do not allow apps to act as third-party app stores. Prohibits applications that distribute software as the “primary purpose” of the application and the barcode that is offered “in a store or in a store-like interface”.

Facebook strives to get users into games faster and create less friction between a user who sees an ad for a game and actually plays it themselves. Users can quickly tap the title without downloading anything, and if they eventually choose to download the title from a mobile app store, they can pick up where they left off.

Facebook’s service is launching on the desktop web on Android, but not on iOS because of what Facebook considers usability restrictions outlined in Apple’s App Store terms and conditions.

iPhone, iPad will soon get Google Stadia cloud gaming service

Google has confirmed that its Stadia cloud gaming service will be coming to iPhone and iPad through an upcoming web app. According to The Verge, the tech giant is working on creating a web app version of its cloud gaming service that will run on Apple’s Safari web browser (mobile version). It’s supposed to be similar to Microsoft’s upcoming xCloud service that is supposed to launch in 2021.

Google was unable to bring the service to iOS devices at the time of launch due to restrictions imposed by Apple. But Apple’s announcement in August opened the door for cloud gaming services to run on iOS devices. However, there is a problem, as the Apple App Store will review each and every game before they can run on your devices.

These are not the only two services coming to iOS devices. The GeForce NOW Cloud game service is now live on iOS Safari in Beta. It is also expected to feature the popular game Fortnite, which has been banned from the App Store as a result of Epic Games skipping Apple’s standard 30 percent fees.

Stadia hasn’t been a huge success so far, as gamers have reported massive framerate drops while streaming games. However, it is still in its early stages after launching in November 2019 and the streaming service may improve in the near future. Earlier this year, even some developers said the lack of financial incentives had negative game development for Stadia, while others worried about Google’s lack of long-term commitment to the platform. 

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