Common Farm Tools and Equipment: Names, and uses

Common farm tools and equipment: names, uses, and pictures– See the common farm tools and equipment: names, and uses of different farm tools and the classification of different farm equipment provided for you. In this article, we will define the meaning of farm tools, common farm tools, common farming equipment, and examples of farm tools.

Farm tools are tools used on farms to help with work, reduce labor, and improve efficiency. Common farm tools and equipment are designed to increase productivity and they are outlined below. Common farming equipment classified into different categories is explained below. Agriculturalists or farmers are conversant with them. They can be used for irrigation, soil cultivation, planting, etc. Also, the examples of farm tools and their uses are well-detailed below. But how we maintain common farm tools and equipment depends on the types of tools and equipment we use. While some farm tools like knives should be sharpened for easy cutting others should be greased and dried after use Some need to be applied silica gel on or stored in their original cases. But note that these methods do not work for all the farm tools. You have to figure out which method is good for your farm tool. You will also see the differences between farm tools and farm machinery. Examples of tools are a spade, rake, spading fork, etc. While farm machinery examples are tractors, cultivators, etc.

Farm tools and equipment and their uses

What equipment is required for farming? There are various types of tools used in farming for various purposes and at various stages of production.

The following are some of the most commonly used farm tools and their applications.

1. Bolo

A Bolo is a knife-like instrument that is primarily used for cutting. It is typically used to clear vegetation, cut tall weeds and grasses, and cut tree branches.

2. Crowbar

A crowbar, also known as a wrecking bar, is primarily used for digging holes. It is also used to remove stones and stumps. It also functions as a lever handgrip.

3. Pick-mattock

This is a typical gardening and landscaping tool. It is a useful tool for digging and breaking stones.

4. Grab-hoe

A grab-hoe is useful for breaking up hard topsoil. It is also used to smoothly crush hard soil.

5. Spade

A spade is a tool used to remove soil or trash. It is also useful for digging.

6. Shovel

The shovel is useful for quickly removing trash, digging, moving, and mixing soil. Shovels are classified according to their intended use.

7. Rake

A rake is a metal broom similar to a broom. It is a farming tool used for clearing fields and collecting weeds, hay, and other materials.

8. Spading fork

It is used in compost heaps to dig out roots, loosen soil, and turn materials.

9. Light hoe

A light hoe is used for soil leveling and loosening. It is also used for digging furrows for planting.

10. Hand trowel

Hand trowels are used for loosening the soil around plants.

11. Hand cultivator

This is a basic garden tool for cultivating garden plots and removing weeds.

12. Hand fork

Hand forks are used for loosening hard soil, and lifting, turning, and mixing compost with the soil. They are used for removing weeds and lifting and transplanting plants and seedlings. They are also used for soil aeration.

13. Pruning shears

Pruning shears are also referred to as pruning scissors. They are sharp, heavy-duty scissors used for cutting tree branches and plant stems.

14. Axe

It is used to cut wood and large tree branches.

15. Knife

It is a universal tool for cutting.

16. Sprinklers

This is simply a tool for watering plants.

17. Sprayers

A sprayer is used for spraying liquid. It can be used to spray insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, water, etc on a farm.

18. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is used for moving lightweight items such as fertilizers, manures, plants, seeds, waste materials, and other things around the field.

19. Sickle

It is a well-known and ancient hand-held agricultural instrument. It has a curved blade that is used for cutting weeds.

20. Scythe

The scythe is a versatile hand-held implement used in agriculture for mowing cereals (including wheat) and other herbaceous plants. It has a sharp, curved blade.

21. Tractor

A tractor is a popular and necessary piece of farming equipment. It is a vehicle designed specifically for hauling various types of agricultural machinery. Modern tractors can be used for planting, tilling, fertilizer spreading, and other tasks.

22. Cultivator

This can be used for secondary tillage on a field. This machine is usually equipped with rotary motion.

It is used to remove weeds as well as pulverize and stir the soil before planting.

23. Cult Bipacker

This is the machinery used for crushing soil clods. To form a smooth, firm seedbed, it can be used to remove cracks, press small stones, and remove air pockets.

24. Plough

A plough is one of the oldest agricultural tools. This farm equipment’s purpose is to cultivate the soil and prepare it for sowing. It was pulled by animals before mechanized farming. Ploughs are now pulled by tractors in modern times. A plough can be made from a variety of materials. Its structure may vary, but the main component is the blade, which cuts through the soil and loosens it.

25. Harrow/set of harrows

A harrow is a machine that is used to smooth and break up the surface of the soil. It is used to break up soil lumps in order to create a good soil structure suitable for seedbeds.

26. Subsoiler

During deep tillage, this tractor-mounted piece of equipment is used to break up and loosen the soil. It is used to improve crop growth in areas where soil compaction is an issue.

27. Irrigation sprinkler or water sprinkler

An irrigation sprinkler is used to water a crop field. It aids in irrigating large areas and maintaining the required level of humidity.

28. Agricultural roller

This tool is used to break up large clumps of soil or flatten them. A tractor is frequently used to pull the roller.

29. Seed drill

This is the machine used for seed sowing. It is used to plant seeds at the proper depth and distance.

Classification of Farm Equipment

In today’s farming, a wide variety of agricultural equipment is used. Based on their functions, these implements can be classified into five major categories.

  • Irrigation machinery:
    This equipment is used to water crops on large farms. They are typically comprised of central pivot irrigation systems and pump units.
  • Soil cultivation implements:
    These are used to prepare the soil for cultivation by ploughing it. Tillers, disk harrows, and moldboard ploughs are examples of soil cultivation equipment.
  • Planting machines:
    These are used after the soil has been cultivated to plant saplings and seeds.
  • Harvesting equipment:
    This is used to gather crops once they are fully mature. Harvesting equipment includes diggers, trailers, and pickers, among other things.
  • Miscellaneous agricultural equipment:
    This type of equipment is used for farm-related activities such as haymaking, shredding, and loading.


Now that you understand that farm tools and equipment are required at all levels of crop production, whether in small gardens or on large-scale farms. Without them, farming activities would be nearly impossible to carry out without the use of some tools. You should decide which of these tools and equipment will be useful for you.

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