In this article we will introduce you to five power tools you need to improve job site efficiency and effectiveness. Ola was trained as a carpenter in Ogbomosho and he relocated to Lagos when he became his own boss. He had worked with a hand saw for years as a trainee carpenter. It takes him hours to saw wood he uses for his carpentry constructions, he was introduced for the first time to power tools, he started by using the circular saw by Bosch, then Jig saw and recently the reciprocating saw, he spends 10 minutes in a job he would normally use 3 hours to conclude. 

“the best thing that will happen to my profession is the invention of power tools like power saws and other work tools”

This article will introduce us to new products from Bosch Tool, Dong Cheng, Maxmech, and Ingco Power Tools. Tools producers continue to pioneer, offering products with more battery life, power capacity, versatility, and efficiency. Tool and equipment options are also equipped with the right features and the ability to use easily.



Bosch GSB 180-LI Professional Cordless Combi


The Bosch GSB 180LI is a cordless power tool. This is one of the most frequently used power tools in the world. Cordless power tools are a more suitable option since they can efficiently perform various tasks with the less physical effort required. It’s designed to work more efficiently and run with less friction and heat build-up than the older version. The blinking led lets you know if the tool has been cut off to protect itself from current overload. It can drill both metal and concrete.


The Dong Cheng Multitool is a portable tool. It is also known as the Oscillating tool, is a multi-purpose tool used for precision cutting in tight quarters. The multitool, as the name implies enables a wide range of interchangeable blades which can cut, grind, scrape, polish, and sand. The advantage of a multitool is the ability to work with ease in tight corners where it will be impossible for other tools to operate.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet AHM008 INGCO


The Ingco Auto Darkening Helmet is a device whose use can’t be overemphasized by Welders because of its importance at Jobsite. It protects the worker’s eyes from sudden arc light injury. The Auto darkening, sensitivity, and delay time can be adjusted due to the use of solar cells and lithium batteries

Dust Mask INGCO HDM07

The Ingco Dust Mask is a flexible device used at the job site during various activities like cleaning, manufacturing, construction, etc. It protects the wearer from splashes of chemicals, metal, and wood dust. It helps to filter out unwanted particles. It has a valve with activated carbon fiber and comes in very handy.


Maxmech Demolition Breaker- Max 65B



The Maxmech Demolition Breaker is essentially designed to chip and break out masonry, brick, and concrete. It’s specifically designed for heavy-duty work like the chirping of tiles with the flat chisel, while the pointed chisel is for breaking concrete slabs and brick walls.  It’s not an easy tool to work it considering the weight but it makes working with hard surfaces easier than the conventional tools.


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