How to get the most out of medical supply purchases

How to get the most out of medical supply purchases

How to get the most out of medical supply purchases

Purchasing durable medical equipment can be a tedious, cumbersome and more importantly, an expensive affair. Although you may not be thinking about it, your loved one’s caregivers need to understand the process of purchasing this essential yet costly equipment or supplies for their patients. We at Senior Healthcare Direct believe in helping all our beloved customers with the best durable medical equipment for the elderly and helping keep their lives simpler, safer, and happier.

Step 1: Find a suitable Qualified Medical Equipment Provider.

Step 1: Get a prescription for durable medical equipment You might assume your loved one needs something like a walker or a shower chair, but those items must be prescribed by a physician to have any chance of insurance footing the bill. Make an appointment with the doctor to start the process of receiving a diagnosis and prescription for medical equipment. Discuss challenges with performing daily tasks and what kinds of products would be helpful, and ask if you should look for products with special features (or if the base model will suffice).

step 2: Confirm with the insurance

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to getting insurance to cover medical supplies. If you need confirmation that your insurance will pay for medical supplies, then that assurance can only come from a healthcare professional present during your diagnostic period which is done and over with at this point but which can be usually confirmed by another healthcare professional again assure consumers (by affirming the diagnoses) and insurers (the number of people who really need those products for their well being).

Durable medical equipment

WheelChair – items often need to be replaced every two to five years, with prices varying by item. The average cost of a wheelchair is between $500 dollars and $1,500 dollars.

Hospital bed – Semi-electric hospital beds generally start at $1,500 and may run up to more than $2,200. This would cost an additional $200-$500 a month to rent if the patient is still in good health, but it may get quite pricey if this person has recently had surgery or is recovering from any other medical condition.

Blood glucose monitor – A blood glucose meter can be very handy and convenient when it comes down to monitoring one’s physical health. There are different kinds that you can get for a variety of prices, not too expensive though, which is nice since generally, this is an item that will have to be replenished from time to time. But of course, one has to make sure he or she is buying the right one in order for it to really be effective and hopefully worth what little one paid for it.

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