How to Make your Phone Data Last Longer


How to Extend the Life of Your Phone’s Data, Being without a smartphone these days is hardly an option because we all use them for more than just making calls to friends and family. However, data can be pricey, and nowadays it can be challenging to find phone plans that still give truly unlimited bandwidth. What can you do, then, to extend the life of data? offers some advice to help you get the most of your data package.

Get Friendly with WiFi

If you just have a small amount of data available, it’s not a good idea to rely only on your cellular data plan to access apps or browse the web. Make WiFi connections with your phone whenever you can. With no need to use your cellular data, you can now simply carry out routine operations like checking your emails, sending texts, or even purchasing international mobile top-up.

Limit Push Notifications

You use cellular data each time your phone sends notifications for new emails or app updates. While WiFi and mobile hotspots should still be used whenever possible, restricting push notifications can aid in lowering data usage. This will ensure that you only use data when actively checking emails or when an app is open.

Check Background Data Usage

Many mobile applications feature a setting that enables them to operate in the background even when you aren’t actively using them. When you restart the app, you get a flawless experience, but it might also use up a lot of data. If you’re not using an app right now, check its settings and don’t let it operate in the background.

Edit Social Media Settings

Videos in particular are the king of visual material these days. However, video content can access your data if your social networking settings aren’t changed. Even if you don’t click on the videos, most social media networks set them to auto-play, which might cause data buffering. By changing your social media settings, you may avoid this typical mistake. To reduce data usage, choose the option to only allow WiFi for video playback or to disable auto-playing

Pay Attention to Usage

Even if it’s not the most fun thing, reducing your data usage may also need you to pay attention to how you use data throughout the day or week. While the majority of smartphones will record how much data an app uses, there are additional apps available for download that not only measure consumption but also let you set restrictions to avoid overages. Additionally, this might assist guarantee that you have enough data to cover an unexpected Natcom or Digicel mobile recharge. Nobody wants to get a cellphone bill that is out of control due to excessive data usage. Hopefully you’ll apply these useful suggestions and observe a decrease in your data expenses over the next few months.

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