How to pair Apple Air-Pods with an Android device


How to pair Apple Air-Pods with an Android device, Air-Pods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed by Apple Inc. They were first announced on September 7, 2016, alongside the iPhone 7. Within two years, they became Apple’s most popular accessory.  Air-Pods are Apple’s entry-level wireless headphones, sold alongside the Air-Pods Pro and Air-Pods Max. In addition to playing audio, the Air-Pods contain a microphone that filters out background noise as well as built-in accelerometers and optical sensors capable of detecting taps and pinches (e.g. double-tap or pinch to pause audio) and placement within the ear, which enables automatic pausing of audio when they are taken out.

On March 20, 2019, Apple released the second-generation Air-Pods, which feature the H1 chip, longer talk time, and hands-free “Hey Siri” support. An optional wireless charging case which costs extra was added in the offerings.

On October 26, 2021, Apple released the third-generation Air-Pods, which feature an external redesign with shorter stems similar to Air-Pods Pro, spatial audio, IPX4 water resistance, longer battery life, and MagSafe charging capability.

Steps to pair Apple Air-Pods with an Android device

How to pair Apple Air-Pods with an Android device, Making the jump from Android to iOS can feel like a big decision, and one that isn’t to be taken lightly. The Apple ecosystem almost seems like the mob — once you’re in, it’s difficult to get out. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing situation. If you like the sound of Air-Pods but aren’t quite ready to go all in on iOS, you can still check out Apple’s earphones and headphones by pairing them with your Android device. Despite the company’s largely closed ecosystem, Air-Pods do work with Android, letting even non-iOS users get a tiny slice of Apple.

Step 1: Turn your Android device’s Bluetooth on.

This can be done by opening “Settings” and selecting “Connections,” where you’ll find the option to activate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Press and hold the button on your Air-Pods.

If you are pairing Air-Pods or Air-Pods Pro, open their charging case but leave the earbuds inside. Then press and hold the round setup button on the back of the case. If you are pairing Air-Pods Max, press and hold the oval noise control button, found on the top of the right ear cup.

Step 3: Wait for light to begin flashing.

Keep pressing the button until your Air-Pods’ status light begins flashing white, which should take about five seconds.

Step 4: Select your Air-Pods on your Android device to pair.

Your Air-Pods should then appear on your Android device’s list of Bluetooth gadgets. Select it to pair. Using Air-Pods without an iOS device means you won’t be able to use Apple’s AI voice assistant Siri. But if you just want to listen to your Spotify playlist, or scroll through TikTok without bothering everyone else on the train, Apple Air-Pods will work just fine with an Android device.


After spending a lot of time with them, Apple’s AirPods may be one of my favorite tech products of 2016. They are undoubtedly one of the more contentious things the company introduced this year.

Review of Apple Air-PodsI don’t normally get too enthusiastic about headphones or earbuds, but what Apple has accomplished with the Air-Pods is just remarkable. One of the main reasons for this is the W1 chip that’s included into the Air-Pods, since it’s rather amazing to be able to open up the charging case and have Air-Pods instantaneously connected to your iPhone or other Apple devices. Although you can opt to use Air-Pods with any Bluetooth-enabled device, this is ultimately best used with

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