How to transfer data from Android to Android

How to transfer data from Android to Android, Here’s how to transfer data from one Android device to another so that you may save your critical documents. If you recently acquired a new Android phone, you’ll want to learn how to transfer data from Android to Android. There’s no need to lose your settings, applications, and images if you’re switching to a high-end flagship or utilizing a low-cost phone. Making the switch from your old Android phone to your new one just requires a few clicks, and it’s simple once you know how. Google has made it simple to move data from one Android device to another. When you’re finished, you can resume utilizing the top Android applications. Alternately, you might open Tom’s Guide and read more about the top Android smartphones.

How to transfer data from Android to Android

How to transfer data from Android to Android

  • Back up your data in System settings
  • Back up your photos using Google Photos
  • Turn on your new phone
  • Select Backup from an Android phone
  • Select Set up and restore on your old phone
  • Select Set up nearby device and choose your new phone
  • Follow the on screen steps on your new phone

You must first make a backup of everything before transferring it. Follow the instructions below to back up your data and pictures before beginning the transfer if you haven’t previously. Go straight to the final part if you’ve already backed up your data and photographs to your Google account.

How to backup data on Android

1. Open the Settings app on your phone, then scroll down and select System settings.

2. Scroll down again, and select Back up and reset.

3. Turn on Back up my data. This will backup app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to Google servers.

How to backup photos on Android

1.Open the Google Photos app, then tap your Google account profile picture (displayed in the top-right corner).

2. Select Photos settings, then Back up and sync.

3. Turn on Back up and sync using the toggle.

How to move data between Android devices

1. Turn on your new phone after inserting your SIM card. connect to Wi-Fi next. You’ll get a popup during the startup process asking if you’d like to copy apps and data from an old phone. Choose an Android phone backup.

2. Select Google from the Settings menu on your old phone.

3. Still using your old phone, select Set up and restore. Then, select Set up nearby device. Your phone will now search for nearby devices.

4. Select your new phone’s model name from the list.

5. Select “Next” after which you must approve the screen lock for your old phone. Next, select Copy.

6. Sign in to your Google account on your new phone before confirming the screen lock on your old phone once more (this time on the new device).

7. In order to transfer your data to your new phone, finally tap “Restore”.

You’re done now! As you can see, there are a few steps in the procedure, but once you know how, it’s simple to transfer data between Android phones. Depending on the devices you’re using, the procedure may differ significantly, but fortunately Google’s on-screen instructions make it simple to follow along. You want extra assistance with your new Android phone. See our guides on how to record a screen on Android, discover your number on Android, and snap a screenshot.

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