Isreali Drones to fly medical supplies to major hospitals

Israeli drones to fly medical supplies to major hospitals, some technological startup has developed an autonomous long-distance unmanned aerial vehicle that will fly medical supplies to all major  hospitals inter-state within a country. Rehovot-based aero-logistics company Gadfin recently inked an exclusive five-year partnership agreement with Sarel, the country’s biggest medical purchasing and logistics company, to create the first aerial drone grid that delivers urgent medical supplies to hospitals within 200 kilometers. This will allow Israel to be the first country in the world that will have such a fast supply of urgent medical supplies to all the hospitals around the country from one center, which will end up saving lives, Regev, founder and CEO of Gadfin, told The Times of Israel.

The Capacity of the Drones to fly medical supplies to hospitals

Isreali Drones to fly medical supplies to major hospitals, Gadfin’s Spirit-One hydrogen-powered UAV can deliver payloads of up to five kilograms (11 pounds) in a 30-liter (eight-gallon) cargo compartment to locations up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) away without needing to change batteries. The drone can fly 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph). It can withstand strong winds and rainy weather and has folding wings to land in narrow places. Loading and unloading of packages is fully automated. Under the terms of the $5 million contract with Sarel, within three years the aerial grid will deploy 18 Spirit One air vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology that will make 60 deliveries a day, or 21,000 deliveries a year.

 Medical Logistics as Isreali Drones to flies medical supplies to hospitals

Israeli drones to fly medical supplies to major hospitals, The contract will allow Sarel to ensure a constant supply of medical equipment, medicines, vaccines, blood, serum, laboratory samples and more, across Israel, at less than one hour from call, the two companies said in a statement. The Spirit One air-vehicle can also carry inside its cargo bay a standard cooled medical supply package at up to a temperature of minus 80 degrees Celsius allowing for the delivery of organs, according to Regev. This partnership with Gadfin, utilizing its breakthrough technology, will allow Sarel to be the first medical logistics company in the world to allow [for the delivery of] nationwide, on-demand, immediate lifesaving equipment and supply, regardless of traffic, while reducing inventory and waste due to expired medical supplies,” said Sarel CEO Avi Buskila.


Over the years various organizations have developed assessments of medical technology in response to specific needs or demands. Many agencies and organizations conduct programs in assessment, dissemination and invention of information, new products and new innovations about medical technology, each from its own perspective . Taken singly, each program fulfills a particular purpose. Within three years we plan to have the full aerial drone network to deliver medical supplies to 11 hospitals in Israel and we are also duplicating this network around the world.

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