Lubrication system extends chain life

Lubrication system extends chain life

Lubrication system extends chain life

The OCL-M automatic lubrication system from SKF helps maintain farm machinery’s performance throughout the harvesting season by reducing chain wear. A new automatic lubrication system from SKF Lincoln helps maintain the performance of farm equipment by increasing chain reliability. The OCL-M system, which was developed specifically for equipment such as balers and combines, dispenses precise amounts of lubricant to the moving chain. This reduces wear on the chain – giving it a service life up to five times longer than one that is manually lubricated.

“Farmers don’t want distractions – they just need their baling machines to last the duration of the harvest,” said Daniel Gonzales, SKF’s Global Lubrication Offer Manager Agriculture. “By reducing chain wear, the OCL-M automatic lubrication system lessens the chance of downtime.” As well as improving safety, by avoiding manual lubrication, OCL-M includes brushes that clean the chain during operation. This further enhances equipment reliability by resisting the effects of large amounts of dust and hay. Accurate dispensing controls costs in several ways: it reduces lubricant use; it requires no manual application and reduces maintenance by improving chain reliability.

OCL-M is available as pre-configured kits, which vary in size depending on the number and type of chains that need to be lubricated. It is mechanically driven, requiring no hydraulic or electrical fittings, and is therefore easy to install. The system is mounted directly onto a machine’s shaft. A variety of pump elements and outlets allows a wide range of lubricant dosages. The dosage is easily adjusted by moving an adjustment disk. This helps the system cope with varying demands, such as larger machinery or more extreme conditions. While the farmer is the ultimate beneficiary of the system, it can be installed earlier in the process, for example by the OEM. Here, it will give the OEM a competitive advantage, backed by SKF’s engineering network. In addition, it allows dealers to offer a simple, saleable product with no aftermarket issues.

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