Nokia Smart TV Launch

Nokia is teasing a new smart TV launch

Nokia hypes are new TVs. (Source: Nokia) Nokia hypes are new TVs. (Source: Nokia)

Nokia has started selling its Android TVs in the market earlier in 2020. Now the website is building hype for two new models for this series, one of which is perhaps more wallet-friendly than its predecessors. They will launch on October 6, 2020 and may have a different audio partner for their speakers this time.

Nokia has added a new poster for an upcoming TV launch to its website targeting Indian consumers. This event is scheduled for October 6, 2020, during which new variations of the brand’s new line of smart displays will debut.

According to Nokia PowerUser (NPU), these TVs will have 32 and 50 inch screens. The former is rumored to be particularly economical as it is expected to be FHD resolution, while the rest of Nokia products in this vein have been 4K so far. The latter is probably more premium in nature.


NPU also reports that these new offerings must have speakers produced by Onkyo, while their predecessors have been All JBL until now. He also predicts that because its 43-inch counterpart started at INR 31,999 (~ $ 436) on Flipkart, the new 32-inch model will cost INR 21,999 (~ $ 300) when expected50-inch Nokia TV, on the other hand, can start at INR 36,999 (~ $ 504). However, increased international availability for these new smart devices has yet to be mentioned (correct at the time of writing this article).


According to a report, the 55-inch TV will run Android Pie and be free with the Google Play Store pre-installed. Provides intelligent gradation technology that provides better contrast to blacks with greater depth by means of an algorithm similar to other manufacturers applying local gradation or microgradation.

The Nokia TV is emerging as a start under a competitor OnePlus TV, My TV and Motorola TV. Smartphone brands will see television shows a turnaround from events inhabited by events, more than a way to take advantage of the growing streaming services.


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