Office Hygiene

 Office Hygiene

Office Hygiene


Hygiene as the science and practice of maintaining good health and then preventing disease condition. It is important in every establishment it is essential that

1)  Persons employed should maintain good hygiene in themselves.

2) Premises equipment should be kept clean and maintained hygienically

3) Cleaning materials such as detergent hypo and soap must be readily available

4) Waste bin should be kept clean and covered with their Lids

Here are some good office hygiene required by everyone to maintain a very clean and convenient environment at workplace starting from the top officials down to the least.

Types of personal hygiene

1) Toilet hygiene

2) Nail hygiene

3) Shower hygiene

4) Tooth hygiene

5) Hand hygiene

Things to be considered in order to maintain a good hygiene in the office environment

1)  Avoid spitting in the office environment

2) Don’t cough without covering your mouth with your hand or tissue paper

3)  Use your elbow to protect your nose while sneezing

4) Avoid picking or touching your eyes nose mouth with your hands

5) Always wash or sanitize your hand before and after eating anything

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