Difference between Safety, Save and Safe

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Difference between Safety, Save and Safe

Defining safety as the process of gaining knowledge to avoid danger which also helps you to stay alert for every task you do. In the same light, it is also an act or precautionary measure carefully taken to keep yourself safe from hazard.

While Save as an act of keeping something or someone safe before danger that is why we save for a safe future.

Personal safety means a general recognition and avoidance of possible and harmful situation.  it also means the safety and security of an individual both in physical and mental states, that may have adverse effect on them.

Importance of Personal Safety

1)  It helps to reduce stress

2)  It will also help improve your overall health and well-being by avoiding illness and injury

3) It reduces the rate of death

4) It reduces financial loss

5) it increases worker’s productivity

6) Increases corporate reputation – because when you are not safety conscious no company will want to come do business with you.

7) If you are safety conscious you dare not go on smoking it will turn you into a chain smoker and for health reasons it is advised that smokers are liable to die Young same goes to drinking because it is free drink in a party you will want to take more. It is advised that you drink as you can control.


You cannot keep anyone safe when you are not safe that is why in the driving sector you drive for the safety of others by doing that you are equally saving yourself.

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