Samsung Unveils New Eco-friendly Digital Signage at ISE 2023

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Samsung Unveils New Eco-friendly Digital Signage at ISE 2023, Samsung has announced its intention to introduce new digital signage products during ISE 2023. The ISE 2023 is Europe’s largest gathering of display exhibitions which kicked off on January 31, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung Exhibition Hall at ISE 2023 is the largest among exhibitors this year. The exhibition features eco-friendly smart signage and platforms, various outdoor signages, and a mounted kiosk, among others.

According to the company, sustainability and environmental protection are the most important topics currently in the commercial display market. These considerations are at the heart of Samsung’s sustainability resolve and its product design. The bulk of Samsung’s products on display at ISE 2023 have thus factored sustainability into their design. The products also flow from Samsung’s environmental management strategy released in September 2022. Samsung’s eco-friendly strategy covers materials, the production process, packaging, use, and disposal of the products. Samsung’s exhibition at ISE 2023 presents a vision for a sustainable future. Samsung says its customers who patronize its eco-friendly commercial display products will help in climate change response and resource circulation improvement.

Samsung Unveils New Eco-friendly Digital Signage at ISE 2023, The 2023 Smart Signage Q Series Magic INFO solution with enhanced remote management will be introduced, according to Samsung. The product has a 40% smaller screen thickness of 28.5mm than its predecessor. The smaller size implies a reduced number of containers required to carry the signage after production. A light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surroundings will also be part of the signage. This implies more efficient power management and consumption.

Samsung Unveils New Eco-friendly Digital Signage at ISE 2023, The 2023 Smart Signage lineup has the Energy Star certification as a product with excellent energy-saving capabilities. Magic INFO is a cloud-based device and content management platform that provides remote management and optimization functions for the signage system. This minimizes unnecessary power consumption by supporting real-time device control, cable connection, screen brightness adjustment, and device temperature among others.

The signage offerings range from large LED to small LED sizes. The new signage system comes with several exciting functionalities which will be on display during ISE 2023.

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