Storelax Review: Build your website with Storelax e-commerce platform and sell digital and physical products


Storelax Review: Build your website with Storelax e-commerce platform and sell digital and physical products

Storelax is a platform that allows you to sell both physical and digital products online. In this article, we will take a closer look at this software and also explore the benefits of online selling. The growth of online sales is undeniable and if you’re interested in earning income through online sources, you’ll likely need to sell something. Online selling offers a number of benefits, such as convenience for customers and the ability to reach customers globally. However, succeeding in online selling is not easy and one of the challenges is finding a platform that can accommodate both physical and digital products.

Enter Storelax, an online shopping website that allows you to sell a variety of products, including physical goods, digital products, license keys, audio files, and video files. With Storelax, you don’t have to worry about using multiple platforms or learning how to code to sell digital products. The platform is designed to make it easy for you to set up and manage your online shop. Storelax allows you to specify the type of product you’re selling, add it to your store, and then see it live. Additionally, the platform offers white-label front-end and back-end features, allowing you to maintain your branding while making more sales. This feature is particularly useful for eCommerce business owners, Software as a Service providers, and web designers.

The pricing for Storelax is also very affordable. You can choose to pay on a monthly, yearly, or one-time basis. The Standard Plan costs $29 per month or $290 per year, while the Premium Plan is $49 per month or $490 per year. The one-time option includes the Standard Plan for $250 and the Premium Plan for $350. Both plans allow you to sell physical and digital products, have a custom domain, and have unlimited staff members with roles and permissions. The Premium Plan also includes a multi-vendor system, vendor membership plans, vendor commission management, blog management, custom CSS and JavaScript code, and a white-label admin account.

In addition to exploring the features of Storelax, this article will also delve into the many benefits of selling products online. These include creating awareness for your brand, having a distinct brand strategy, and being able to sell 24/7. With the convenience and reach that online selling offers, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are turning to the internet to sell their products. Storelax is a promising platform for those looking to tap into this market and make the most of the opportunities it presents. Naijateck is a reseller of storelax in Nigeria.

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