The parent company of Google, Alphabet spending billions to become a force in health care

The parent company of Google, Alphabet spending billions to become a force in health care according to economist . Alphabet has a very powerful and rich aspiration of becoming a force in health care. From the year 2019 to 2021 the multinational conglomerate has launched several new projects in the health care and life sciences field. The conglomerate has already invested $1.7 billion into its visionary health care ideas until now in 2022. This is highest investment of 2022 by any tech giant in the health care field.

In the business table of Nature index, Alphabet has achieved the 5th position this year. Nature Index is a database that tracks the effect of scientific analyses, in the field of life sciences. Microsoft, the only multinational conglomerate in the list apart from Alphabet was positioned 20 spots behind it.

The futuristic vision of the agglomerate requires it to invest a large capital along with launching a number of programs. This vision is proved to be very fruitful as it has led to the production of many great products such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc. The corporate believes that out of the health care services it offers some will turn in to a primary source for their substantial presence.

Alphabet started working in the health care field since 2008. The company launched a service which helped users in preservation of their fitness reports in single place, back then. It was later set off in 2012 and after various modifications it reappeared in 2018 as Google Health which considered some other projects of the firm in the health care area. However, it was destroyed in 2021.

As of now several health care projects under Alphabet can categorized as: wearables, health records, health related AI and the outstanding dare to boost the lifetime of humans.

The first wearable of the company, Fitbit was launched in 2019. The company invested around $2 billion in the product. Fitbit, is a fitness tracker which is to be worn around the wrist. Recently, an innovation introduced in the device which will supervise the heart rate of an individual and warn the person about abnormalities which can cause heart stroke or failure has been authorized by America’s FDA. It is considered to be a big achievement for Google. Apart from Fitbit, the corporation has introduced many other gadgets with automation to regulate the well-being of a person.

The conglomerate is also coming up with a new revolution in its health records, turning its focus towards the doctors instead of the patients. AI ventures of Alphabet are also producing great results and the corporation is working on its idea to slow down ageing or eradicate it completely.

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