The Values of Left-Over Paints as a measure for ‘eco-friendliness’

The Values of Left-Over Paints

The Values of Left-Over Paints

How many partially used cans of paint have you got gathering dust in your loft, garage or shed? Well, many folks do not know that saving leftover paint for future use is an eco-friendly measure.

According to a recent study conducted by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), an estimated 50 million litres of paint is lying unused in households across the United Kingdom. Many people will want to hold onto some unused paint because it seems like a waste to throw it away. Meanwhile; two-thirds of us are unsure whether our local household waste recycling centre will accept part-full cans.

Can Left-over paint be recycled?

Currently, only 2% of leftover decorative paint is either recycled or reused. The rest – a massive 98% – is either sent to landfill or incinerated. This can be harmful both environmentally and otherwise, especially because around half of the paint we use to decorate our homes are made up of polymers that are often derived from oil. “The little-known group of chemicals we call polymers in liquid form and how the negative environmental impact has been getting it from the ground, refining it and then making and transporting products from this is well known.”

In order to reduce the damage on our environment, society is starting to take more steps in developing more eco-friendly projects rather than just conventional ways of doing it. For example, paint manufacturing has created paint formulas that can be used again without harming the environment. Recycling paints creates less pollution and it is also cheaper for both businesses and consumers alike.


What can I do with leftover paint?

There are a lot of people who don’t have the money to pay for expensive paints – a lot of sports teams and schools can’t afford them. ReColour is putting leftover paint from artists who no longer need it and are willing to sell it at cost price to the local community, so that children and families in the community can afford to do lots more creative things!

Where to find Leftover paints for sale?

If you’re interested in getting your hands on reusable paint to use for a DIY project at home, search  online for a scheme in the Community Repaint Network near you. For people in Nigeria Other places where you can also buy unused paint include Epoxy Oilserve , GZ Industrial Supplies and other sites that deal on paints.

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