These are the most common causes of a broken phone screen


Almost half of all Nigerian  adults have broken their mobile phone screen, a study has found.

The research, which polled thousands of  mobile phone users, also revealed one in five managed to damage their screen within the first month  of owning it.

Of these unfortunate phone users, one fifth have damaged their device when trying to take a selfie, and one in four managed to crack their screens on a light out.

A further one in 10 have been unfortunate enough to drop their phone down the toilet, while the same percentage accidentally sat on their mobile while it was in their back pocket.

Emezie , Technical  director at tech trade-in site technicians , said: “Currently, 12 percent of Nigerians  have a cracked phone screen they aren’t doing anything about.

“Phones are a huge part of our everyday life and people are never without them, so it’s not a great surprise to see how many people damage them.

”What is surprising is how many people damage them so quickly, and how many damage them when trying to take a selfie!

“Leaving phones in back pockets, at the bottom of handbags, or on car seats can also all lead to damage, and with the majority of Nigerians being so busy, it’s easy to see how these accidents can happen.

“What’s more, the cost of replacing screens and repairing damage on the new devices leads to a large amount of people who seem to be happy to live with the damage.”

Other reasons given for a broken phone include trying to type with one hand, throwing it out of anger and dropping it in the bath.

But for a third of adults, if they were to crack a screen they would just live with it rather than doing anything about it.

* For more information on the study, please visit: or call +2347033480085.

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