Top 5 Best inverters in Nigeria 2020 reviews

Top 5 Best inverters in Nigeria 2020 reviews

The power supply situation continues to be terrible in Nigeria with power failures ranging from 2 to 4 hours in cities and 8 hours or more in small towns and villages at best and a total blackout for months in some cities especially known urban centers. This makes it difficult to manage daily life and thus installing inverters becomes inevitable.

Although there are many solutions to this lack of power problem the most common solution that most people apply in Nigeria is either to do nothing, buy a power generator, or buy an inverter with batteries. The only challenge for people that opts to buy the inverter battery system which in our opinion is the cheapest, in the long run, is how to spot the best inverters in Nigeria. what are the primary considerations in the choice of inverters to buy?

When you think of buying a new inverter, it is important to escape from the marketing gimmicks, and understand some basic related facts, eventually of much help before purchasing an inverter. Selecting the right kind of an inverter/battery system is one such important factor. And not just selecting the right inverter-battery system, it is important to select the right solution that solves your need. In this post, we will discuss various power inverter solutions, their pros, and cons in different situations.

How to identify the best inverters in Nigeria.

Here are the best ways to spot the best inverters to buy.

Wattage – The more wattage an inverter has, the more power it can generate. Depending on your use, you may need large loads of power, or your consumption may be rather minimal. Before you buy a power inverter, consider how you’ll be using the device and try to determine how much power you’ll need. Power inverters can vary widely in wattage, ranging anywhere from 300W to 3,000W and up. Some can even generate surge power as high as 6,000W.

The number of outlets – Most power inverters have two standard AC outlets for plugging in various electronic devices. Other models offer additional AC outlets and often USB ports as well, to let you charge all the devices you desire—from laptops to fans and flood flights.

Durability – If you’re in need of a power inverter that can stand up to the elements, look for a durable device with features like aluminum casing. Many inverters also have extra protection features to prevent overvoltage or overloaded devices. Still not feeling secure? Opt for an inverter with a warranty for even more protection.

Brand: While buying an Inverter for home, you must not compromise with the brand. Don’t go for the local ones. Otherwise, it may end up ruining some of your home appliances.

Top 5 Best inverters in Nigeria 2020 reviews

Best InvertersFeaturesWarrantyBuy Online
luminous InvertersHigh maximum output load
& MCB protection
Genus InvertersWide input voltage window
suited for Indian conditions
Kstar Online InvertersHigh maximum output load
& MCB protection
Radiant invertersHigh maximum output load
& MCB protection
Mercury InvertersComes with 2 Batteries & can handle heavy loads2 Years for inverter and 18 months each for the batteries CHECK THIS BRAND

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