Why running can keep women healthy and put men at risk


Running puts men at risk of heart attack and boosts women’s health, claims a new study

A research study by Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, St George’s Hospital and University College London (UCL), that has been reported by several news websites, claims that running is more beneficial for women than men. The report further states that long-distance running can add a whole decade to the vascular age of male athletes. In case of men, their major arteries were found to be far stiffer than expected, leaving them at greater risk of heart attack and stroke, the report says by quoting the study.

This research study result might surprise all runners! As per this study, long distance running makes men more vulnerable to heart attack and stroke.

The study found that men who regularly participated in events such as marathons, ironman triathlons and cycling events had a vascular age 10 years older than their own age.

The study found that endurance events like marathons boost women’s health. Running reduced vascular age by an average of six years in women.

The study inference is based on the observations from runners aged over 40 years of age. More than 300 runners had participated in the study. These people had taken part in more than 10 endurance events and had exercised regularly for at least 10 years.

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Myths about Running

Women are often advised not to run. From getting a saggy jawline, wrinkles, to having liver spots women are scared away from running and many of them look for other alternatives.

Women are also made feel bad about the runner’s face which is basically a fat free face typically seen in runners.

However, this study can be the beacon of truth and light on all these myths.

Running can never go wrong, if you are doing it properly, experts have said. As a human being ages, exercise is what keeps them mobile. One of the easiest, low cost exercises is running.

To run effectively, wear a proper outfit. Decent running shoes are a must for all. Women should wear sports bras.

Do not straightaway jump to rigorous running. Condition your body first and then start progressing.

Know when to pick the pace and when to slow down. Do not stop immediately on a run, keep slowing down till you come to a halt.Read Also: High blood pressure: THIS seemingly healthy food can lead to hypertension

Running Too much is bad

When you have persistent pain in the legs and in the joint areas, it is advisable to stop running and try other exercises like cycling or swimming.

Excessive running causes more harm to the body. As per experts due to excessive running one may have plantar fasciitis, a type of inflammation that causes a sharp pain near the base of the heel. This calls for giving proper rest to the muscles of the feet.

Too much exercise can also compromise the immune system and make an individual prone to infections. It can also affect the appetite of the person.

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